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Texaura - Promise of Purity and Quality


“Aiming to bridge the gap between the demand and the supply of organic bedding linen, a need for an aesthetic homegrown brand was felt which set out to map its journey with ‘Texaura’. It is not a brand alone but a cause which works towards empowering the farmers, protecting the environment and setting out a sustainable organic way of living.”

Manuj Terapanthi
Founder, Texaura™

India, the largest producer of organic cotton (approximately 70 per cent of world production) and also home to the largest number of GOTS-certified processing facilities.

It is undeniable that organically produced cotton offers a life choice and alternative to thousands of marginal farmers for whom cotton is a very valuable cash crop providing intercropping opportunities leading to food self-sufficiency and a less expensive method of production. However, the bulk of the organic cotton fiber production is consumed by big international companies with large organic textile programmes.

The time is right for creating strong local markets and engaging local and local/international brands. This is the reason why we create Texaura™ India’s first luxurious organic GOTS-certified home textile brand going global.

Texaura™ is not just a brand but a passion for purity, an identity that symbolizes responsible comfort and luxury integrated organically. Its purpose is to help you carve out your personal sanctuaries by being an interface between community, affordability and modern design sensibilities of home.

Texaura™ is derived from two words- ‘Tex’ from Textiles and ‘Aura’, the combination of which is Texaura™. The aura is the richness, comfort, durability and feel of the fabric which plays a crucial role in the making of a linen or bedsheet. This aura or feel of the textile and the color of the fabric can make a defining change in your life.

India is the largest producer of organic cotton with 66.6% of the total cotton grown here. In spite of this India did not have a dedicated global brand in organic textiles. This void was filled in with the advent of Texaura™, a global brand with Indian roots. People behind Texaura™ saw it as golden opportunity for an Indian bred brand to have global identity and carry forth the aesthetics with it. To help the brand reach out to maximum customers across the global landscape, Texaura™ makes use of e-commerce platform to help people shop at ease.

We come from a land, where our knowledge of textiles dates back to 400 B.C., our Vedas teach us organic way of doing it. Enriched with this history of textiles and giving a facelift to the organic bedding industry, Texaura™ was mainstreamed as a brand. We constantly work towards striving to achieve the products which are durable, luxurious, comfortable and sustainable for our consumers. Every product of Texaura™ has a story to narrate which bring out deeper sensitivities from the grassroots.

We are here to build a sustainable world. We are here to let our Mother Earth live.

Texaura Artisans
Supply Chain Management

Traceable Supply Chain

Texaura™ works towards creating a conflict- free and traceable supply chain, from farm to factory to you.

We sell our linen online to eliminate the existing conventional supply channel including middlemen. Hence, giving you the cost advantage. Moreover, it also has large implications for the environment where it saves fuel, energy, power and other resources.

Our biggest advantage is we are not only producing the cotton in the same region but also overseeing the entire process of processing, manufacturing and packaging. We streamline the entire process which ensures better quality control, time management, better pricing and timely delivery of products in time so that you get the best. All our products come wrapped to you in eco- friendly packaging ensuring at every level that the environment is well protected as we firmly believe simple is always luxurious.

Organic Cotton Plant
Cotton Plucking
Organic Cotton Making
Texaura Organic Bedding
Texaura Organic Bedding
Texaura Organic Bedding
Organics and Organic Living Can Sustain the Human Life to the Best of Its Condition

Beyond GOTS Certification

Texaura™ is not only a 100% certified organic bedding range but a brand that personifies social & ethical responsibility which maintains fair-trade, equal wages for equal work and no child labor involved in the entire process. Each product before you is a class- apart craftsmanship weaved into synergy with the environment.

Our products take care of you like Mother Earth would, while being processed into a well- finished product. GOTS is not only a mark of standardization but a mark which stands for purity and ethical practices involved in producing the final product. We do not leave a stone unturned to deliver on the promise of pure living and defining standards of excellence for the industry.

We deliver on our promise!

GOTS Certified

Our Mission & Vision

Texaura™ in true essence is a ‘Make In India’ campaign which is working towards giving a facelift to organic lifestyle with its bedding range, globally. Its exquisite bedding range is symbolic of grace and harmony with nature which excludes the use of any chemicals, toxic dyes in the manufacture of its product line.

The modest beginning of Texaura™ began to take shape after seeing the miserable plight of the farmers in India who was constantly under debt, facing an economic backlash and was merely on a threshold of survival. An intervention in the form of Texaura™ shall help the farmers in future rise above this vicious circle of constant debt by removing the middlemen from the supply chain and also made their social upliftment a priority. Texaura™ has been a game changer enterprise not only for the farmers, weavers but also the environment as it has been actively promoting organic cotton farming which conserves resources and markets the produce under the brand name.

Amongst its numerous benefits, the use of 100% organic cotton bedding linen is most sought after for kids and those who suffer from skin allergies and irritations as it eliminates the use of any chemicals in its entire chain of growth, manufacture and packaging. It is also a promising choice for those who are on a lookout for eco- friendly choices and those looking out for goodness of nature with an amalgamation of luxury, durability and comfort.

Texaura™ envisions bringing to the fore a global brand with Indian organic roots having world- class standards of quality. It strives to give a face to the farmer who is the initial driving force behind the initiation of organic living but has been nameless in the process. It wants to carve out a brand keeping their sensibilities in mind while reaching out to the global market.

Aiming to bridge the gap between the demand and the supply of organic bedding linen, a need for an aesthetic homegrown brand was felt which set out to map its journey with ‘Texaura’. It is not a brand alone but a cause which works towards empowering the farmers, protecting the environment and setting out a sustainable organic way of living.