You might blame your boss, kids or the extra workload for the stress and anxiety in your life. But actually it’s the lack of proper sleep that is taking a toll on your physical and mental well being.

It is actually a vicious cycle; you are sleep deprived due to constant worry from the circumstances in your life and lack of sleep further adds to your mental tension.

Everyone knows that feeling of well being and great mood when you wake up fresh in the morning after hours of sound sleep. Yet, people tend to ignore these benefits and stay awake late till night watching TV or surfing the net.

Here we highlight the benefits of good sleep and what happens when you are deprived of it.


A good night sleep is essential for your brain to work properly. During sleep your brain is busy forming new pathways to make you ready for the next day.

It improves your capability of learning and retaining information, to solve problems, be creative, pay attention and take right decisions.

On the other hand, failure to get adequate sleep poses problems in taking decisions, solving problems, controlling your emotions and behaviour, and adapting to change in circumstances.

Mood swings, depression, impulsiveness, and suicide are linked to inappropriate sleep.


Sleep is the time when your body is under repair from exertion of the entire day. Your muscles, tissues, heart, and blood vessels are getting healed at this time. Any disruption in this process places you at risk of heart disease, kidney disease, diabetes and high blood pressure.

All the more, lack of sleep disturbs the healthy balance of growth hormones and sex hormones posing problems with child growth and fertility in adults.


Getting quality sleep at night enables you to function well throughout the day.

How many times have you seen people dozing off in buses, metro or the office desk?

Not only so, many a times you feel that you are productive at work but you might miss an important highlight at the office meeting.

This is because you were not awake at that moment. Such instances are referred to as microsleep , brief moments of sleep occurring while you are awake.

This indicates that you are losing on your sleep hours every night. Lack of sleep poses problems not only at a personal level but can lead to accidents on road, in the kitchen or at workplace.

On an average, any individual needs 7-8 hours of sleep though this may vary from person to person. However, if you feel that you can make up for your sleep loss by taking short naps in the day time or sleeping more on weekends, we recommend you to think twice.

Nothing can replace a sound sleep of night time, and such habit will disturb your sleep-wake rhythm.

Considering the ingredients that mount for a good sleep, your bedroom elements are of prime importance.

Be it the mattress, the pillows, bed sheets, room temperature, the amount of light and noise in the room or freshness and cleanliness of the room, everything has its say in helping you drop off easily in bed.

A survey was conducted by the National Sleep Foundation to know what people felt was important to get a good sleep. The results were stunning.

93% rated the mattress, 91% the pillows and 86% rated the comfortable feel of sheet fabric as being important in getting a comfortable slumber.

This shows that majority feel their bedding must be changed in order to ensure comfortable and healthy sleep, in other words a good well being.

So, what are you waiting for? Adopt a healthy bedding right now.