To start a movement, there is one thing that’s required – a spark, an idea that begins with passion. And that’s what drives the team that has been a pioneer of organic retail revolution in India. The team behind Texaura has been the torchbearer for the organic eco-system in India and one of the most trusted leaders in the organic industry.

This brand is only a result of a broader strategy and a mission to reach the ultimate destination of organic revolution in India, for India.


About a decade ago, a visionary progressed towards the path of promoting organics in India, and not just promoting through visibility, but also through developing sustainable business models for organics. The idea germinated through a rigorous effort to remove barriers, one at a time, in order to achieve organic penetration across the country and later to the world. The process began through preparing the consumers for organic alternatives, developing a robust ecosystem to make these alternatives available to every nook and corner of the country and thereby, simplifying the overall process of adoption to make it as seamless as possible.

There are some very serious challenges that Texaura team were posed with while starting the journey, some of them being, lack of information and awareness amongst consumers, certification process education to manufacturers and suppliers, and label guidance to customers. On the production end, there was very little supply intended for the Indian consumer owing to lack of demand and most of organics were exported, thanks to the increasing demand of organics globally. However, with relentless efforts at the ground level by Texaura team, the organic ecosystem has slowly and gradually started developing and domestic demand has started to rise.

The team worked with farmers, manufacturers, suppliers, retailers and middlemen to finally reach out to the right set of consumers in the organic space. Consistently the team went out for advocacy workshops across different cities in India and the results were highly encouraging.


The organic industry has been transitioning rapidly into a truly dynamic playground for organic connoisseurs. While there were deep gaps some 10 years back that still exist as potholes, India has surely come a long way as it progresses on path of organic revolution and this clearly shows with the rise in number of organic consumers, smaller cities contributing neck to neck with metro cities with their contribution to organic demand so on and so forth.

While the dynamics are ever developing, there are still gaps in understanding and adopting anything organic which is beyond organic food in India. Since organic food is something that has become synonym with organics in general thanks to the organic food industry rapidly growing, organic clothing and textile still remains a lesser tapped market, thereby presenting great opportunities for innovation. Organic clothing is a hugely in demand category globally. We are highly motivated by the immense response of the global consumer for organic clothing and organic textiles. By studying the great life cycle of the global organic clothing industry, we learnt that the basic awareness towards switching to organic clothing and textiles is paramount to developing a vast playground of opportunities in India. With literacy levels shooting up, globalization and health consciousness growing, it is a perfect time to launch our brand - Texaura, which is a promise of purity with world-class quality and 100% certified organic textile.


India is the largest producer of organic cotton worldwide, accounting for two thirds of global organic cotton production. Also, India stands tall amongst the top exporters of organic cotton worldwide. How it is that such authentic, world-class quality organic textile volume remains untouched by the Indian consumers? We have vast vegetation that supports growth of authentic organic cotton and these crosses over every country whereas the Indian organic consumer has not been able to establish direct correlation with organic textile and healthy living. We are yet to imbibe the sense of comprehensive substantial organic and healthy living in our own lives.


The model of domestic production of organic cotton relives the essential motto of ‘Make In India’ which is designed to transform India as the manufacturing hub. Not just this, Texaura strives to bring commercial sense to manufacturing and bring in revenues to the domestic business and contribute to the export revenues of the country.

Texaura supports organic cotton farmers of India as it works very closely to ensure 100% authentic cotton with certification achievement at every stage of production. This boosts confidence of organic cotton farmers of India to maintain a steady production. Alongside, this ensures employability and income stability to these farmers. Not to forget, the adequate cost of their produce which is very important to keep them in the business. All this is being taken care of as Texaura partners with more and more farmers across the country.

On the other hand, Texaura brings in a global platform for these farmers. In order to bring consistency in supply, it is absolutely essential to equate the same with adequate demand. While there is still advocacy going on in India, a vast pool of organic consumers lies untapped or satisfied with India- origin organic cotton privately labeled by companies outside of India. The only gap that stopped these farmers to reach the global organic consumers is a platform or a specialized group of promoters to facilitate the business. Therein lays Texaura which weaves hopes, hard work and purity together and offers unmatched 100% pure cotton suited for the best standards of care of us.


Before Second World War, everything that was there was organic. Because this was the only way to do things, to produce cloth, grow food, and likewise. Today, everything faces scorching attack from chemicals, be it the food we eat or the cloth we wear. Ever imagined why we all of a sudden develop skin allergies without the doctor being able to recognize the cause after several visits? This could be thanks to the presence of chemicals and artificial colors in the cloth that you wear or the beddings that you sleep on. Your beddings are the most in contact with your skin, too close and personal. You would surely not want this to affect you adversely in any way, isn’t it? Every observed the rashes on your little one’s skin without he/she being exposed to any outside food? This could again be a result of chemical reaction of the beddings that you might be using. We are exposed to chemicals throughout the day, do we also wish to remain in the hazardous contact of these chemicals during the sleep. The doctors say that while we sleep, the body is on the work to repair the damage, and if this is to be believed, we would surely not want to interrupt the process by posing more complications to our natural repairing process. Hence, organic textiles are the best option for better health and safe sleep. Have a good sleep, always!