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LuxAura Hotel Collection

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Our Story

“Using organic linens in your hotel or spa goes beyond luxury and comfort. It shows greater care for your guests and your surroundings.”

Manuj Terapanthi
Founder, Texaura™

The LuxAura Hotel Collection is a special line of linens created for hotel rooms and suites, as well as spas. All of the linens in the line are made from 100% certified organic cotton. We chose the name LuxAura to illustrate exactly what we’re creating: Lux stands for the luxury of the fabric we use and Aura is forits richness and feel. Luxaura is synonymous with sumptuousness, durability and sustainability. All of the LuxAura Hotel Collection products are certified organic according to the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), the world’s leading textile processing standard for organic fibers. Here at Texaura™ we understand the demands of the modern business world. And we firmly believe in the organic way of life.We are uniquely suited to provide the finest to the hotel and wellness industry.

Texaura Artisans
Organic and You

Organic & You

Have you ever wondered just what sets a hotel or spa apart, and what inspires guests to return again and again, year after year?

It’s simple. Guests return when they feel honored and cared for. And in today’s world, where theinformed consumer has an ever-increasing awareness of the advantages of green and sustainable living,guests seek out organic labels. Their choice of organic textiles, just like their choice of organic food, reflects their desire to pay attention to the environment-both individually and globally.

Organic cotton textiles are a great choice for hotels and spas. By providing organic sheets, towels, and robes, a hotel or spa demonstrates to its guests that it shares their values and that it cares about their health and the environment.

These thoughtful details offer the sort of attentionthat guests remember and rave about long after they have checked out.

Luxaura Collection
Luxaura Collection
Luxaura Collection
Luxaura Collection
Luxaura Collection
Luxaura Collection
Organic Cotton takes into account the holistic experience for its guests


The growing competition in the industry places Texaura™ in the high rung as it is not only an ideal choice because it is organic but also because it models itself as per the business demands.

Texaura™ also provides customized bath and bedding linen range and takes into the MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity) requirement as per the scale of the hotel business.

Personalization according to your requirements can be made on lots of aspects like the sizing, the designs, colors, fabric, thread count of the organic cotton fabric.

Moreover, this could be a chance for you to make your hotel unique by embroidering your brand name or customizing according to your rooms.

Customers’ requirements for a special event can also be fulfilled as they wish (honey moon, wedding)

Luxaura Hotel Collection
Luxaura Organic
Advantages Organic Cotton

Advantages Organic Cotton

The fabric used in this collection has impressive characteristics:

- It is made from cotton grown and processed to the highest organic standards. It contains no chemicals or toxins.

- There is no risk of allergy. Our organic towels, robes and sheets are ideal for guests with sensitive skins, including children.

- Our sheets breathe well to allow for comfortable and rejuvenating sleep.

- Our towels and robes are thick and absorbent.

- Our fabrics require only mild detergent for washing.

- Our fabrics get softer with washing.

- Our fabrics have a long lifespan and will last through 150 to160 washes.

Organic Bed Linen

Bath Linen

Bathrobes & Towels

The bathrobes are made with 300 GSM and towels are made with 450-500 GSM using terry fabrics.

Terry fabric has high absorbency which makes it an obvious and good choice for towels and robe and ensures their durability in the long run too.

Bed Linen

1 Room Set* per bed includes:

1 Flat Sheet
1 Fitted Sheet
2 Pillow Covers
1 Duvet Cover
2 Shams

The bedding is beautifully woven percale fabric using single ply yarn with 250 thread count. Parallel weave has been thoughtfully chosen as it gives sheen & durability.

*Available in multiple sizes

Organic SPA Experience

Organic SPA Experience

The very best spa experiences are rejuvenating and blissful, evoking a sense of holistic wellness. The finest spas are now turning to organic to provide a complete experience of wellness.

When a guest books a treatment at a high-end spa, particularly an organic spa, it’s because they care about what goes on their skin and into their bodies. It makes perfect sense, then, that the linens on the massage table, the towels by the tub, and the robes in the dressing room should be just as pure and healthy as the lotions, oils and other products on the spa menu.

Team with Us

Across the globe, the hotel industry is more and more aware of the importance of green initiatives and it is moving to reduce its carbon footprint.

At Texaura™, where we have built an entire company on the concept of organic living, we are excited to see this change in the industry.

We aim to be part of this “Green Hotel Initiative” through our LuxAura Hotel Collection.

We are here to collaborate and to team with you to produce memorable and innovative products that are truly comfortable and sustainable.

Let’s create a partnership and take it to the highest level.

Luxaura Bathrobes

Our In-House Design Studio

Our expert in-house designers are able to quickly and easily personalize or modify existing LuxAura products as you wish. Our designers can also develop entirely new product lines if you are looking for customization.

We are happy to work with you on aspects such as size, design, color, thread count and more. If you are seeking to create a unique look for your hotel or spa, we are here to help. Perhaps you would like to embroider a name on your linens? Or design something special to accompany your rooms? We can also create linens for special events such as weddings or honeymoons.

At Texaura™, we pride ourselves on being flexible and efficient. And we guarantee a quick turn-around time. We would be delighted to hear any feedback or suggestions about our products.

Way Forward

If you have any questions, we’re happy to help. Please get in touch with us. Click here for any queries or email us at