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Texaura - Promise of Purity and Quality


“Texaura is more than a brand. It is a cause, working to empower farmers, protect the environment, and set out a sustainable organic way of living.”

Manuj Terapanthi
Founder, Texaura™

Texaura™ is born out of a great history. Farmers across India have grown cotton for millennia, and Indian artisans have transformed it into some of the most beautiful fabrics the world has ever seen. When Marco Polo arrived on the subcontinent centuries ago he marveled at the “extraordinary fineness” of India’s fabrics.

Today India’s farmers grow the vast majority of the earth’s organic cotton, nearly seventy percent of the world’s total. India is also home to the world’s largest number of manufacturing facilities that are certified with the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). And yet almost all of the organic cotton grown in India is consumed by big international companies with extensive organic textile programmes.

Texaura™ exists to change that. We are India’s first and only GOTS-certified luxury textile company. We are driven by our desire to honor our farmers, our heritage, and our environment. Our passion is for purity and beauty. We look to the wisdom of our ancestors to create products that are elegant, durable, and sustainable. In India we know the earth — Devi — as a goddess. She is our mother and protecting her is a part of our dharma, or duty.

Our name, Texaura™, is derived from two words: “Tex” for textiles and “Aura,” meaning the feel and the energy that our textiles impart. Our bedding is designed to transform your home into a sanctuary, a place of beauty and health. Our sheets are soft and sumptuous, with patterns and colors to evoke pleasure and appreciation. Our designs, such as those in the Jaipur Collection, are drawn from great works of art.

At Texaura™ we are committed to offering the world the very best linens that India has to offer, direct from India itself. We offer free shipping to over 200 countries around the globe. Our work springs from our commitment to our people and our surroundings.

We are here to build a sustainable world. We are here to let our Mother Earth live.

Texaura Artisans
Supply Chain Management

Traceable Supply Chain

Texaura™ is committed to a transparent, traceable and conflict-free supply chain, one that stretches all the way from the farm to the loom to the factory to you.

We are an Indian company every step of the way. The pure cotton that we use is grown on small organic farms in the west of the country, in the states of Gujarat and Maharashtra. That cotton travels to looms in Tamil Nadu, in the south of the country, where it is woven into fine linen. In the state of Rajasthan our team of designers, seamstresses, and artists transforms that linen into exquisite bedding. From our offices in the city of Jaipur, we sell all of our bedding online, shipped straight to you. All of our linens are shipped free of charge direct from India to over 200 countries in the world.

We believe that bypassing conventional supply chains creates maximum efficiency and achieves the greatest value for our customers. Our commitment to honor the environment is paramount, and our direct sales model reduces waste and saves fuel, time, energy and other precious resources. Finally, when our linens arrive on your doorstep, they come wrapped in an organic cotton bag that is encased in a recycled box. We firmly believe that luxury and simplicity go hand in hand.

Organic Cotton Plant
Cotton Plucking
Organic Cotton Making
Texaura Organic Bedding
Texaura Organic Bedding
Texaura Organic Bedding
Organics and Organic Living Can Sustain the Human Life to the Best of Its Condition

Beyond GOTS Certification

All of the bedding that we produce at Texaura™ is certified 100% organic using the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). When you see the GOTS mark, you can be certain that the textiles you’re buying are pure and adhere to ethical standards.

At Texaura™, though, GOTS is only the beginning. We are a company committed to social and ethical responsibility at every level. We operate under the principles of fair trade. We pay all of our workers equal wages for equal work. We ensure that there is no child labor involved anywhere in our production process. All of the dyes our artists use are natural and made using GOTS guidelines. Each product that we create offers world-class craftsmanship born of respect for our culture, our people, and our land.

At Texaura™ we take every step necessary to deliver on our promise. Our products are designed to honor the earth and to wrap you in her goodness.

GOTS Certified

Our Mission & Vision

Texaura™ is not only born out of a great history. It is born in support of a healthy future.

Organic cotton offers thousands of India’s farmers a much better life. Organic farmers do not have to deal with toxic chemicals. Their farming costs are much lower. They are able to diversify their fields and grow food crops alongside their cotton, leading to greater self-sufficiency. Their lives are more stable and more healthful. Texaura™ exists to give a face to India’s farmers and to support them in their work.

Texaura™ also honors the creativity of India’s artists. Our in-house designers are graduates of the National Institute of Fashion Technology in Hyderabad, India’s premium institute for fashion design. For inspiration our designers turn to the great works of our culture—hence our first collection, the Jaipur Collection, inspired by the magnificent Amber Fort. Each year we will introduce new collections to honor different parts of our culture.

Most of all, Texaura™ is committed to furthering an organic lifestyle. We are committed to what organic means all across our earth. Organic is better for children. Better for those who suffer from allergies and skin irritations. Better for those who want to sleep soundly. Better for the animals. Better for the insects. Better for the birds. Better for the land. Better for the rivers. Better for the seas. Better for you.

In India we are growing the earth’s organic cotton. Across the world people are seeking exceptional organic bed linens. Texaura™ exists to bridge the gap between the two.