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Function: Marketing
Country: India
City/Town: Jaipur
Employee Type: Regular
Job Type: Full time

Position Summary

We are looking to build Texaura digital presence worldwide. The focus of this effort is to drive deeper and more meaningful engagement with local audiences across the world. As part of this definition, the priority of Texaura digital strategy to include:

  • Delivering a unified yet personal digital experience of our brand whilst maintaining the firm’s single global brand across multiple audiences.
  • Defined content strategy for the brand to showcase the depth and breadth of Texaura in a unique differentiating manner from other companies within the professional services space.
  • Enhanced social media presence to foster engagement with the right audiences using platforms of their choice.
  • Visual communications which enable the creation of more vibrant and attractive and snackable content.

Job Responsibilities

  • Work as part of a team that enables and supports local marketers to leverage and build upon the foundation of Texaura global digital marketing framework – website, social, email, analytics etc.
  • Act as a bridge between global digital marketing and local marketing and recruiting, assist local markets to leverage global offerings for achieving their marketing goals.
  • Enhance Texaura digital engagement with audiences across the globe.
  • Develop a multichannel local marketing strategy that leverages digital marketing to go beyond push messaging and engage with our key audiences in those regions.
  • Ensure Texaura’s overall digital multi-channel user experience. Help to determine best channels to leverage. Use and connect other market’s success stories and lessons learned to innovate programs.
  • Maintain regular touch points with local marketers to collaborate on the best way to extend the reach of Texaura content at a local and global level.
  • Determine how global initiatives can serve as inputs to local markets to drive overall Texaura brand e.g. support paid media pilots.

Basic Job Requirements

  • 1+ years of experience in digital marketing.
  • Demonstrated knowledge of web metrics, CMS concepts, social media channels and monitoring tools, and e-mail marketing best practices essential.
  • Experience of working in a global or multinational environment.

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