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Our aim is to bring nature’s goodness in people’s life to enrich the quality of living. This task cannot be done in a vacuum by a person or an organization alone to make a dynamic difference. Therefore, we partner with distributors, retailers, online stores, designers, architects, wellness industry, boutique eco- homes, hospitality industry around the world to provide pure organic bedding range to craft your haven which brings you closer to purity of nature.

We are adept in providing a complete range of 100% organic cotton bedding linen certified by GOTS which are rich in quality, comfortable, luxurious and sustainable fabrics.


Beyond Wholesale

Texaura™ draws inspiration from traditional Indian textiles to create contemporary designs that suit the modern living. It’s certified bedding linen evokes finesse of craftsmanship and commitment to quality which helps it deliver the exquisite linen range as per your needs.

Texaura™ brings in consistency in the matrix of supply of organic linen and bedding on a large scale where an abyss was created due to rising demand for organic bedding and lack of its supply. What sets Texaura™ apart from the rest is that it understands the challenges of a business and constantly works in alignment with your demand and delivers without compromising on either the quality or the aesthetics for which the name stands.

Made in India

‘Luxury is in the detail’

At Texaura™, we put our efforts into the fabrics, creating high quality certified organic cotton bedding, so they are as pure as you can get. Our purpose in the larger realm is to encourage organic farming which is sustainable, restorative and good for people and the planet.

We work on a cost effective model as our supply chain is relatively short without the involvement of many intermediaries in the process from getting the raw materials to the manufacturing unit is streamlined by Texaura™ which helps it maintain the quality control.

Texaura™ has a fine understanding of the organic eco-system as it closely works with the farmer, weavers and artisans who work in the manufacturing unit to produce the final product.

All of Texaura’s products are 100% organic cotton certified by GOTS which excludes the use of harmful dyes and chemical treatment for the product.

Apart from collaborating with dealers and distributors we also provide the option of Drop Shipping to smoothen your business transaction.

Texaura™ ships its products to 200 countries across the world.